Meet the Team

Julie Leight

A dedicated hockey mom and motorcycle enthusiast, Julie is passionate about the health of local athletes and her community.

“One of my daughter’s hockey friends got a nasty infection from her hockey equipment and I thought there has to be a better way to clean this stuff. Airing it out and occasionally wiping it down doesn’t do enough to protect our kids’ health. So, I set out to find a solution. I found that professional sports teams have been using ozone technology for quite some time and wondered why no one had brought the technology to the general public.”

Julie is a San Diego native. As a kid she enjoyed the varied sports atmosphere that Southern California provides.

“We have access to so many great sports. You can surf in the morning and go skiing in the afternoon. Football and baseball have always been popular here, and now hockey and lacrosse are taking hold too. This is also one of the few places you can ride a motorcyle almost year around. San Diego is an amazing place for a sports enthusiast to live.”


Tina Leight-Roades


A native of Missouri, Tina fulfilled a life-long dream when she moved to San Diego in 2003. As a child, she played softball, volleyball, and was an avid skier. Unfortunately, as an adult she is hampered by a movement disorder called Dystonia. It has slowed her down physically, but she maintains a healthy enthusiasm for sports.

Tina has a long history of giving back to the community. She served five years on the North County Coalition’s board of directors and helped improve the lives of many north county residents. She is also anactive volunteer at her daughter’s school, providing help in the classroom and consulting on the yearbook design.

As a stay-at-home mom, keeping her kids active and safe is a top priority. That’s why Infinite Ozone struck a chord with her. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of not only her kids, but also the community.